Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Too hot; 5 years; DIY Horse Ownership's giveaway

I had great plans of working on heat training, taking Fetti out for more mid-afternoon rides, maybe going out for a long ride one day this weekend.  Then I stepped out of the house around 2 to move my car, walked back in, and turned up the fan.  Stiflingly, miserably hot: I have lived here for four years and this is the first time I've ever wished for air conditioning, blasting a fan and sweating while sitting inside my house.

So instead of heat training, I made it out to the barn near-dark, worked her in the round pen, and went for a lazy moseying mile ride with a friend.  Sunday I didn't even bother getting on; we turned the mares out, chased them a bit, and went home again.  It was just that kind of weekend.

I'll do competitive rides in 90-degree weather because unfortunately that's how it happens sometimes.  I won't go out and train in 100-degree weather in the middle of the day.  Today, we'll ride!

Also: five years now since I first met 'Fetti.  Where did the time go?

DIY Horse Ownership hit 200 posts last week, and she has a giveaway running!  Nilla is just as adorable in person - and totally memorable, given I discovered the blog via the contest and after seeing them at Fireworks this year.

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  1. Thanks for the share. I did drag myself out and do some conditioning on Sunday, but could not manager yesterday. I hate this heat. If it's going to be this hot here, I feel like I might as well go live somewhere else. Somewhere cheap. The whole point of living on the CA coast is that it's supposed to have nice weather.