Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Non-riding weekend

Things I did not do this weekend: trail ride.

Things I actually did this weekend:

1. Rasped both front hooves in the morning fog
pony was unimpressed.

2. Played with Fetti in the arena

must run!

accelerating through the corner
polite zooming
a more sedate canter

2b. Failed to capture faceoff between pony and buck - silly deer leaped the fence before I could snap a photo

2c. Reassured pony that she was fine and the deer wasn't coming back.

Worried pony.
Fetti doesn't actually mind deer on the trail, but getting unintentionally within 10 feet of one in the arena broke her brain. Deer aren't supposed to be in the arena.

easing her closer to the fence; still worried
Human exists to shield pony.

3. Sorted boots and pieced one back together. Current count: one full set of two fronts, two hinds. One Viper front spare. One Renegade front spare, now back together. One Renegade front spare, needs a cable before it's usable. One Renegade hind spare, all pieces intact but I ran out of energy.
Yes, three front spares and one hind. No regrets.

Needs more shelf.

4. Lunged 'Fetti in the arena on a line, walk-trot-canter.  Also over the barrel-jump a few times.  She only bolted and got away once - big progress! - and it came across as a genuine fear bolt rather than a 'because I can' shoulder drop and run.  We managed a canter on the line again afterwards without further dramatics.  (No photos: my hands were full!)

5. Sunday I went to a semi-local show to watch Olivia and Nilla, and for extra bonus ran into a few other folks I used to ride with back in my hunter days. Sometimes I contemplate showing again. Halfway through a hot afternoon, though? I don't feel like we're missing out on much.

Back at the barn overheating and migrained, kind friends cleaned my stall for me and turned the mares out. I chased them around for a bit - more cavorting as she did on Saturday, I definitely did not want to ride that bareback with a migraine! - then put Fetti away for the day and headed home to sleep. Tuesday, we'll ride.


  1. Thank you so much for coming. I'm so sorry you got a migraine. I'm definitely never doing that again. Hunter how chaos and I do not get along. Seriously though, thanks so much!

    1. I had a lot of fun!! That was a particularly disorganized hunter show, or else my memories are rosy-tinted, which is also very possible. Migraines are pretty normal for me and I absolutely brought that one on myself, but I'd do it again anytime!

  2. aww she looks so worried about the deer!! very cool that you got to meet Olivia!

  3. I think you accomplished more than me.

    Things I did this weekend: Video game.
    Things I did not do this weekend: Go to the barn.

    I miss my hayburners so much!