Confetti's Gear

Saddle:  Specialized Eurolight with the fleece seat and 2" leathers.  I have the JMS leather covers, no velcro
Pad: Woolback or Coolback barrel pad.  I like the Woolback better in theory but haven't seen a practical difference between the two.
Stirrups: Plastic endurance stirrups.  I get about a year out of these stirrups before they need to be replaced due to wear/destruction of the foam padding.
Girth: Woolback dressage girth, small.
Saddlebags: no-name pink bags, similar to SnugPax

Bridles - I have two different set-ups going here:
- locally made rope halter with Zilco snap-on bridle (brass rather than stainless steel) and a 3-ring Myler combination bit.  Mine actually has the tie-down and I find it fairly irritating to work around that for putting the bridle on, but not enough to spend the money on another one.  I did find that with the length of the combination bit, the bit-attachment location on my beta halter-bridle was not high enough on her face.
- halter-bridle from The Distance Depot (brass again) and a Myler full cheek with hooks, 32-3.  It's the same mouthpiece as the combination bit and I can't find a link to it.

Reins: standard beta reins from Distance Depot. 10', brass snaps, black beta with pink overlay, no buckle.
Breastplate: standard beta breastcollar from The Distance Depot, slightly modified sizing to account for my previous saddle.. but still small enough to fit the Specialized, thankfully.  Brass with pink overlay on black beta.  Would advise stainless for anyone else with a white mane, as the brass does leave black marks.
Crupper: Zilco crupper, brass with a custom-made fleece crupper cover for the ring & buckles.

Hoof boots:  Renegades, currently just the standard ones (not Vipers).

I do most of my shopping online and rarely buy new if I don't have to.  I've been blessed with a mare who's not especially particular about materials.  Craigslist and Facebook tack swap groups are my best friends when tack-hunting, and I'm not afraid to spend quite a while looking for something that I'd like but don't desperately need.

I also have dressage tack, for when we dabble at that - a Thorowgood dressage saddle that I'm very happy with, an inexpensive black leather bridle from Horze, and an itty-bitty 18" dressage girth. Oh, and a pink Zilco breastcollar fitted to the Thorowgood for our trail rides in dressage tack!

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