Monday, July 21, 2014


Six moderately-brisk miles Saturday, with her reasonably quick at-home trot of 8mph making an appearance several times, and our friend's horse doing an altogether excellent job.

Sunday, I thought we'd do a speed work. Canter, trot, maybe canter some hills.  Two miles in and she asked to quit. I couldn't see any particularly good reason to continue (she wasn't really tired, just barn sour and unenthusiastic). We turned for home and worked on her brisk walk. Remarkably, she managed a 3.5mph walk much of the way home. Great improvement over our usual lethargic pony walk of 2.5mph or so.

Sunday, round two: sufficiently motivated by the need for her sister to get out.  Tacked Confetti back up and ponied her sister.   Almost instantly, we were back to our pathetic pony walk around 2.5mph.. complete with looks of 'make her go first' and 'I don't wanna'.  Sorry Fetti, when you're the only one being ridden you have to be lead horse.

A pack of coyotes started up their howling as we got to the meadow - not distantly, but rather close by.  Both mares stopped, mildly concerned.  Confetti stayed stopped, much to my dismay, and opted to go backwards instead.  I am not thrilled with this.  She did, eventually, resign herself to moving forwards.  I was fairly confident this time that it wasn't genuine fear, but a studious reluctance to maybe be the one eaten first.  She has previously exhibited similar behavior, refusing to be the Lead Horse when she lacks confidence, and it seems we're dealing with that again.  I just need to learn to school her properly with another horse on the line.

They were sluggish heading out.  Once we turned for home, they were good and forwards.  I didn't break my horse; she's just very, very barn sour right now.

Which sucks.  But honestly, she did a 25 last weekend.  We're only a few days back into real work.  If she's still acting like this next weekend, I'll get worried.  Otherwise?  I think she's just sulking.  It's likely my horse will be back to her normal obnoxious self soon.  Real conditioning can wait a week or two, no harm done.  I just have to keep reminding myself of that.

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