Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Nine days later: recovered

Fast, forwards ride Tuesday - unexpectedly by ourselves rather than the mellow, relaxing out-with-friends ride I had thought we'd be doing.

But.  She zipped along, even kept a Big Walk most of the ride without too much nagging, and so we trotted out and up the big hill and then back home.  It was reassuring that her all-day trot (with some impulsion, versus her all-day pathetic trot with no impulsion) seems to have moved up to 7mph or so.  Confetti is quite capable of a 8-10mph trot, but generally cannot be bothered.

This was the same loop mentioned almost exactly a month ago, when we did canter sets and pulled a 5.8mph average.  We stuck to trotting on Tuesday and managed a 5.7mph average.  I am actually quite thrilled with that.  The goal was to trot as much as possible at our all-day pace.  We paused once to briefly greet friends headed home, and once again when some lady recognized Fetti from a previous introduction in the park and commented on how lovely her third eye is (I don't quite have words for the crazy-like vibes I got, although harmless, very bizarre).  Else?  Forwards.

My hope is to get out for a longer (12-20 miles) ride sometime in the next two weeks, and apply similar concept: it doesn't matter how fast you trot, just keep moving along nicely at some sort of trot speed, or a brisk big walk if you don't want to trot.

Pony is very well recovered.  I am pleased.

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  1. YES our lazy unmotivated mares will do much better with company! We shall ride 12-20 miles this weekend. It will be awesome.

    Third eye. Okay. I love California. :)