Saturday, May 24, 2014

Easy weeks, lots of little things

After 26 miles at the beginning of the month - even a slow 26 miles - and several hours of trailering, it seemed like Confetti had earned an easy week.

On some level, I feel like May should be our big 'getting ready for Fireworks' month - but it's been hot, and I flat-out refuse to do heat conditioning rides in MAY, and I've been battling various not-feeling-well days, and.. well.  Lack of motivation.  We've been moseying lately.  It feels like the month of slow western jogs, honestly, which right now doesn't feel so terrible.

'Fetti flew around the arena on Thursday, so I'm reassured that she's not settling into a life of boring slow trail rides.  Friday we went for a leisurely walking trail ride.  Two hours on a loose rein with a friend; no drama despite what seemed to be practice for the Civil War reenactment this weekend.  I was - am! - very proud of the ponies for that.

Andrea's posts about her struggles with O and avoiding problems really hit home.  If I want Fetti to be polite in the arena.. we have to work in the arena.  I can't take her on trail rides full-time and say things are fixed.  I can't avoid the canter forever for fear that she'll take advantage of that speed on ride days and bolt with me.  We need to train the canter.. and I need to trust my horse, stick with her, and expect her to behave.  (Not that we need to train cantering home, but out? Sure, we should work on that.)  I cannot hold her to a tiny pace during rides because I'm afraid of how much power she has.  If she wants to do a 9mph trot for a few miles.. well, if she's listening, I need to let her move out and not make her feel constantly held.

Lots to think about.  Rehashing long-term goals, seeing how I can end up with something I'm 95% happy with and unafraid of.. time to face some fears.  We're still around, just not doing anything particularly interesting or blog-worthy at the moment.


  1. Totally with you on training the things that result in rider uncertainty/discomfort/anxiety. Its so hard, but so necessary.

    Best of luck with your endeavors.

  2. As my friends always point out when I get nervous about not training, it takes six weeks for your horse to begin to lose her fitness. You can "slack off" or just focus on cantering or whatever you want for quite a while before you *need* to condition again!