Friday, May 2, 2014

April recap, May goals

April recap:
- Ride more.  Ask harder questions.  Due to car troubles at the beginning of the month and an out-of-state vacation at the end of the month.. total fail.
- Focus on increasing distance rather than increasing speed.  Two 8-10 mile rides, one 13 mile ride.  Nothing very extraordinary to see here.
- Work on within-gait changes of speed.  Hm.  Worked on it a bit.  Needs more focus and more work.
- Weather and time permitting, at least one 15+ mile day, whether all at once or split between two rides.  As long as we're trotting a good chunk of it, speed is not important.  Check!  One 19-mile day, one 10-mile day.

Total April mileage: 82.52 with me.  Two trainer rides while I was gone, one dressage ride while I was gone.

May goals:
- complete NATRC ride at Mount Diablo tomorrow(!) with minimal drama or panic and plenty of horse left (bonus points if I have energy left at the end and she's rateable the whole way).
- Again, at least one (other) 15+ mile day, split or not.
- Start adding canter work to build stamina/fix my position, but only on the way out or round pen/arena work.

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