Monday, June 3, 2013

Brisk rides

First day of June was unseasonably hot.  We promptly aborted our plans for a 3pm trail ride (90 degrees at the barn) and postponed til 6, by which time it was warm, but not painfully hot.

We proceeded to make exceptionally good Haflinger-time out to the Deck and back, trotting the vast majority of the uphills & flat sections, and even keeping a reasonable walk from Fetti on half the downhills.  6.61 miles, 4mph average accounting for the 10-minute walk/snack/blue heron photo break on the way home where I paused the tracking.  We had just had a conversation about how we were making excellent time, and then OH LOOK, LOOK!  One does not ignore blue heron photo opportunities!

TrackMyHack, on the other hand, tells me we went 6.36 miles at an average speed of 3.66mph.  Still quick by our usual standards, so I'll take it.  Plenty of pony left at the end, and we arrived home with just enough light to see the last section of trail.

Thursday's ride was equally brisk, but I completely forgot to start the tracking until we'd finished the first flat section, so it doesn't quite show.  I went out with a friend and her Pony Club/eventing horse, who's still fairly new to the trails, but likes to GO!  5.35 miles (so the tracking missed the whole first flat mile), 3.87mph. We trotted/cantered just about everything that wasn't downhill, threw in two hand gallops for fun, and aside from Fetti lying down in the river and wanting to roll, both horses were actually quite well-behaved.

Sunday was a first trail ride for another Haflinger rider, so we stayed slow to not bounce her to death. 6.27miles (same loop as the previous two rides! all depends on where exactly I start the tracking at), 2.99mph, just over two hours.  Mostly slow jog, then walked the last two miles or so home.  Pony was polite and plenty forwards, even giving me a real walk down the later hills where she was in front & headed home.  I'm frustrated by the lack of consistency there, and really hoping I can get some answers this morning.  (In front and headed home mean that I have a maybe 30% chance of a Real Walk.  Otherwise, I think it's closer to 1%.)

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