Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Current plan

Which is, of course, subject to change!

Two months 'til Fireworks.  Taper off real work two weeks prior, and try not to do real rides over 4th of July weekend!

Once weekly: 3-4 hour ride, ask for Big Trot as much as possible. (Ideally, Pogonip) [Probably on my full day off!]
Once weekly: interval training. Ask for speed (canter/Big Trot) 3-4min, recover 1-2min, rinse repeat.  (Initially, hill loop for about an hour round-trip) [One weekend day]

Once weekly-or-so: 5-10 miles at moderate pace with a running friend. 

Interval training is actually pretty similar to what we did once or twice last week, except that I was working on more of a 40/60 split speed/rest and calling it a mental exercise.  Time to shift that!

This leaves my 4th dedicated riding day fairly open; my fifth is hit-and-miss and will inevitably be very low-key by necessity.

Pony's ribs are visible when the sun hits her just right... so she'll get some grass pellets/vitamin E on days I ride, and maybe some I don't.

All of a sudden, July feels really, really soon...

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