Tuesday, October 20, 2015


The silence around here is not due to a lack of posts being written: I am, for once, actually drafting things, taking photos, doing occasional blog-worthy stuff.

My phone, the Blogger app, and my photos are not playing nice together.  When I try to add photos to posts, the app crashes.  I have not yet found a new app.  Suggestions would be delightful - iPhone 6, open to paying a bit for something that works.

The two-point challenge this month has gone spectacularly miserably well when it has gone at all.  I got my baseline during Quicksilver (1 minute at a ride: fair). I did my next ride with a section of two-point a week and a half later (3 minutes, 1 second).  At this point I can't remember anything about it, but it must have been in the new saddle.

Then we puttered around in the arena for a bit at the trot the next week and made it to 7 minutes 13 seconds and a very bored pony (sorry pony).

Weekend ride with friends.. what better time than to do two-point than when you don't have to steer and you're not the one setting the pace?  I picked a fairly flat section to start with after the potential crazy spot, and off we went: 15 minutes, 34 seconds.  I felt that.  Fingers crossed for another small-group ride this weekend where we can get more of the same.


  1. wow 15 minutes? yea i'd feel that too lol...

  2. I would not call 15 minutes spectacularly miserable. I'd call it spectacular. The blogger app is shit. I don't use it anymore. I don't have any advice other than to use the desktop version.

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