Sunday, May 17, 2015

Crupper attachment failure #4

I am SO DONE with crupper ring failures.

I had a crupper ring added to the dressage saddle in mid-April. Leather sewn and screwed into the saddle.  It held for Mount Diablo, and I was starting to be really impressed with my setup: very little forward-back slipping and thus minimal extra sweatmarks behind the saddle. Yay!

Coming home, Fetti spooked, really tucked her butt under, and leaped forward/sideways. I stuck it, no problem. (Yay!) I hopped off right after, and a minute later it was pointed out to me that the crupper was no longer attached.

Not what you want your saddle's crupper ring attachment to look like.
At this point, I'd prefer that the crupper break, or the snap on the crupper break, or something easily replaceable.  This whole 'breaking crupper rings or leather that holds crupper rings in place' is getting old.

- I replaced the crupper ring attachment twice on the Eurolight: once locally, then sent it to Texas for a second fix.
- I tore up the panels on this saddle using a leather crupper T.
- Now the leather snapped not even a month after getting the ring installed.  Damn.

Saddle shopping just moved way up on the priority list.  It could be worse: I currently have three saddles that fit the horse, even if the two with working crupper rings don't put the rider in a good position.  This is an excellent example of why I feel compelled to keep two saddles if they still fit..

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