Thursday, February 5, 2015

January recap, February goals

I feel awful for saying it, but I am so done with winter.
Even when my winter has sunshine and 70-degree days, I want my long days back!

So.. we've been puttering, and schooling, and puttering some more.

January trail miles come to a grand total of... 33 miles. One ride per weekend.  Yuck.

Jan goals:
Continue to focus on off-side mounting - accomplished!  I even hopped on another pony bareback from the off-side while on trail.  No grace, but it got the job done.
Lesson?? - inquired, did not happen, it'll come sooner or later.
Focused arena session once weekly - check!

Good news: we are getting in an arena session once weekly, and a solid round pen session the other day, and toodling bareback another day.  I just cannot be bothered to do more work in unfocused circles right now.

February goals:
- offside mounting still.
- solo ride at least once
- speed work on the back trails? It's incredibly boring, but gets the job done.
- arena work OR speed work once weekly, ideally both
- rasp feet approx once weekly

I ordered a blanket after the chilly windstorms of December
if it looks a little funny, it's because none of the straps are actually clipped

and we are in the middle of a heat wave now.

Girls still generally getting along. 65 and kind of cloudy.
The bale bag experiment continues.  Currently they're lasting a full five feedings.  Confetti is still not entirely convinced this is okay, and she ought to get food at every mealtime, please.  In theory they start eating less after a few weeks.. she didn't read that manual either, so we're still waiting.
Mom.  Breakfast?  Please?  Seriously.
Did you know that if you leave strings on the bale in a bale bag, and your pony manages to get the strings tangled around the netting, said pony can make a nice nose-shaped hole in the bag?  Yep.  I have no photo, because I discovered the strings at 6:40am when I needed to be on my way to work.  No more strings for her!  (Except I think I left them on today.  Eek!  Well, they'll come off this weekend.)

In bonus injury news, she appears to have a spider bite of some kind.  Note the weird pocket of fluid and such at her chest.  It does not appear to be bothering her, and I did find the wound, so I'm not stressing (yet).  It's always something.  One and a half week post-photo, it's still there, but rather less; still not worrying!

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  1. i'm so ready for longer days too.... clocks change on march 8 tho!!! good luck stickin w it through february tho... (and hopefully no more weird swellings????)