Saturday, November 29, 2014

Weather wimp

In October, it was too hot to ride.  90? 100? No thank you.

In November, it was cold and wet and muddy.

Cold.  Also, dark.  Criteria for cooler: pony is visibly steaming after saddle is removed.

Muddy.  (Hint: not Confetti.)

A relatively dry stretch of trail, complete with puddles and mud.

We managed a few bright and warm days over Thanksgiving - for which I am very grateful!  I took the opportunity to let her get a good run in:

Pony goes ZOOM!

Social pony says she is done running, thank you.
And then, to wash and re-braid her mane, as it was looking rather sad lately:
Look at how WHITE it is immediately post-washing!

Mostly white, aside from the brass-stained section.  Oh well.

Today, however, we're starting off a week of badly needed rain. No real riding in the forecast - it will need at least a few days once the rain stops for anything to be good for a workout, and probably 24-48 hours for a moseying ride.

This is the round pen today - day one of the rain. 
After an hour moseying around the barn.  It's almost sunny!


  1. Ha! I knooooow exaaaaactly what you mean. After, you're only what... 4,5 hours north right? It was hot last month (and warm and sunny this month since we don't quite get that Northern California "chill")

    Rain's a comin' though. Got Mitch and Jet cozied up and snug and just dread the mud that's inevitable.

    'Fetti's mane looks nice! It's always so clean and white after a good wash, but them Haffies find ways to stain it up. I hope I can grow Mitch's out again this year.

  2. boo weather.... i hate when it interferes with all our well laid plans!!! anyways, gorgeous mane!

  3. Totally reflecting my thoughts. My horse is a raging monster right now (loves the cool weather, and feels cooped up) but the trails are slippery, and I'm enough of a weather wimp that if it is actively wet or cold, forget it. Luckily some of our trails are sandy, so those are safe pretty quickly after rain.

    My horse is lock-lacking, I have forelock/mane envy, Fetti looks great.