Monday, June 30, 2014

June recap, hello July

Have I mentioned already that I am so over June already?

week #1: no ride Sunday, probably because she earned a break after the previous week.  7.7 miles total, NQR Saturday with kick marks, snarky and obnoxious all weekweek #2: 9 miles Sunday [feeling juuuust fine], 7 miles total in the rest of the week - but NQR on Thursday, too.  Off feed & mildly colicky on Saturday.
week #3: Off feed (but not colicky!) through Wednesday.  Rode Tuesday slowly anyway.  15.4 miles total this week with Thursday her first day back in real work.
week #4: 20 miles this week, rode through Thursday so a full week of rides for once!  Lame Saturday & Sunday.
So.. sum total of mileage.. is about 59 miles.  Four different lameness/NQR episodes in four weeks. 

June goals:
- weekly canter work in dressage tack - once? but I did get a good canter-work in with the Specialized, so that's something. twice!
- get out to Wilder once, if doable in the first two weeks (18-22 miles) - deemed not doable
- one speed work weekly (possibly in dressage tack?) - twice total? (see above canter works)
- downhill trotting through some of the Fireworks trail - haha, nope

If I were superstitious, I'd blame it on Mercury being in retrograde (June 7-July 2).  Instead, the idea that June is almost over is a very comforting one.  It's been one mishap after another after another.

Sunday is final decision day.  If she's sound and happy and moving well, we'll go for Fireworks.  If she's not, we'll skip.  (Why haven't I called it already?  Several reasons.  Most injuries this month have been minor and self-resolved quickly.  She's not generally an accident-prone horse.  Conditioning is done.  She'll be booted on all 4 feet for the trail.)

It really sucks to miss the one yearly ride that I know I can find a ride to - or worst case, walk her over and call it good.  No trailer means I'm otherwise at the mercy of local riders and friends.  But I'm not willing to ask for a big effort if she's not feeling 100%.

July goals have been postponed until next weekend..

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