Monday, March 3, 2014

February recap; March goals

Weekly mileage is down, as expected, due to some much-needed RAIN coming our way twice this month!  Two fast rides (6.7mph), but mostly around 4-5mph.

- Weather permitting, one 8+ mile ride weekly, aiming for 12-15 twice in March if possible.
- continue experimenting with Myler combination bit
- focus on riding balanced even when fighting her for forwards
- work on Confetti's confidence when taking 9 out for a solo ride

What was I saying about the rain?  Oh, right.. we're getting it now.  Not enough to flood the barn, but quite a bit of rain.

My goal for Tuesday was a brisk ride before the rain kicked in the next day, knowing this would probably be our last shot with the dam down.  As luck would have it, my Pony Club friend was willing to head on out, so we did a moderately-fast ride out to the deck (3 miles, 33 minutes, hills!) and a slower ride home (45 minutes - on par with my semi-normal) so the horses could cool off.  Normally her gelding goes even faster, but he's a bit out of shape and settled for a sedate canter/brisk trot rather than a gallop/fast canter on most of the hills.

I bought a Myler combination bit and new snap-on headstall to go with.  I was reasonably confident my halter-bridle wouldn't have sufficiently short bit attachments; that was correct.  It's frustrating feeling that I'm constantly pulling on Confetti; I don't want to be hauling on her to get half-halts when she's forwards.  The combination leaves me ever-so-cautiously optimistic that we may have found a compromise.

At one point, this WAS a running braid.  Oh, pony.

I do think I had the rawhide noseband too low in this picture.  More fiddling required.

Also: the bit came without a chinstrap.  Hooray for hoarding tendencies, where I had a pink curb chain that fits nicely!

Since Tuesday, this is what most of our rides have consisted of.  Bareback meanderings around the barn.  Good news: I can sit her trot bareback now!

Expecting similar this week, but we'll see if I luck out and the rain lets up enough to let the trails dry for a ride.


  1. The same things always happens to my running braids as well! Your little mare is too cute btw :-)

  2. Oh, hey! I want to get Tuck a bit for his trail bridle so I can put his most favored dressage bit back on his dressage bridle and I've been considering going for something with a little more _there_ there (I've traditionally used his jump bit for excursions, more for my comfort than because he needs it, but still)...that combo bit has been on my radar. Is it functionally a loose-ring or an eggbutt? I can't tell from the pics I've seen whether the mouthpiece is free to rotate or no...

    1. I think it's closer to a loose-ring? My bitting experience is sadly quite limited.

      The mouthpiece is technically free to rotate on the ring, but in a practical sense any rotation from rein action means there's pressure applied at poll/nose/chin due to how they're all interconnected. I'll see if I can get a few more pictures today. Anything in particular I can photograph/explain that would make more sense for you?

    2. I'd love to know what the feel is like. I'm used to/fond of bits that you can put the horse on (versus bits that back the horse off) -- I feel like I'm looking for something a little different for this purpose but I'm not sure how much my muscle memory is willing to deviate!

    3. Feelings thus far.. ring #1 (least leverage) = feels like she's bracing/resisting, ring #2 = slightly lighter/more responsive than usual*, I felt like I was riding with half the rein pressure of normal while getting similar results.

      *usual is a Myler full-cheek with hooks, same mouthpiece (32-3, triple barrel) as this bit

      If it's still raining/wet Thursday, I'll experiment with both bits and see if there's a noticeable difference between the two on the same day/same sort of ride.

  3. Shy always shakes her running braids out!